ADA Charity Car Show

The ADA Charity Car Show is an annual show that showcases a variety of cars every year while raising funds and awareness about diabetes and the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Beginning in 2014, Cassie Nunes has raised thousands of dollars for the ADA by bringing together two of her favorite hobbies, charity and cars. The show is 100% non profit with all of the celebrities, entertainment and more being donated generously by people who believe in a cure for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Over the years, Cassie has cultivated an equally dedicated team of volunteers who work the show as well as spread the word about the ADA and the good that they do. Multiple companies, both local and national, have also donated funds, prizes and support to the cause.

Check back often to see more updates on the ADA Charity Car Show with our 2023 date fast approaching!

Click Here for 2019 Photos

All Official Photography is taken by Rick Merkow. Find him on Instagram @rickranchero

A few testimonials about the 2019 ADA Charity Car Show-

"Each year the ADA show gets bigger and better. 2019 was the best yet!"- Bob Beck- Co Emcee

"Such a fun and electric gathering of rides, topped off with my favorite, the mobile chassis dyno!"- John McFarland- attendee

"Fun event to enjoy with friends and to meet new ones. Super fundraiser for an important cause!" - Patricia Taylor- vendor