Hello and Welcome Back!
The last year has been rough, but thankfully the COVID-19 Pandemic seems to be on the downward spiral. With that said, a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives to this horrific disease and our hearts go out to the families and friends that have lost someone.
Under new guidelines, the reopening of California has been slow but promising. Ventura County where most of our events are held is currently in the Orange Tier which is the second best tier in the State's Reopening plans. Under the Orange Tier certain outdoor activities are permitted provided there is adequate social distancing and masks. With car shows being outside, we are happy to announce we will be returning to shows within the next few weeks. 
If you have any questions regarding the State's reopening please visit  State Reopening
Despite relaxing restrictions the pandemic is still very much active and we encourage all of our participants, sponsors and vendors to wear masks and social distance. We will have masks at every show if you are in need of one as well as sanitizer. 
If you were a participant, vendor or sponsor for a show that was scheduled for 2020 please Contact Us so we may include you in our next show!
Thank you for all of your support!
Cassie Nunes
Owner, CN Events


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that is worldwide, many businesses, gatherings and events such as our multiple charity car shows have been either postponed or canceled. I have waited for as long as I could to determine the best course of action for not only the safety of our attendees, but our vendors, entertainment, sponsors and volunteer staff. Taking in the status of the state which on Thursday May 7th, 2020 has over 60,000 active cases and 2,500 deaths I have decided to postpone all charity car shows to 2021.
I understand that there may be individuals who may believe this pandemic will end before that but as our shows are considered to be in Phase 4 of the state's reopening plan, I cannot condone having a show during this time.
Phase 4 is the final phase of Governor Newsom's plan to reopen the state and includes concerts, conventions, festivals, fairs, public gathering areas and similar venues. This also includes any events that may bring significant crowds in close proximity. As our car shows have grown wildly successful over the years we fall into the category. While Phase 4 may begin this year in 2020, I find it to be better prepared and have our shows continue in 2021. There is currently no date for Phase 4 to begin as of Thursday May 7th, 2020. You may find more information here on the state's reopening phases- State Reopening
I would like to thank everyone who has stood by and supported us over the years as we have made significant donations to a variety of causes. My hope is that we will return in 2021 with an even bigger and brighter future. In regards to anyone who has donated to the shows as either an attendee, sponsor, or vendor you may contact myself via the Contact Us page for a refund. However, your donations will be rolled over to 2021 and your spot as either a vendor or attendee will follow. In short, you will have a guaranteed spot at the same show for 2021. The choice will be yours, I look forward to seeing you in 2021!
-Cassie Nunes
Owner- CN Events
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